District.96 Beer Factory


    M.O.A.B is photo bombed w/ this in-house collaboration

    notes of mango, pineapple + peach

    Double IPA ABV 8.0%


    DDH with Columbus +Simcoe. Notes of citrus, resin + marijuana cigarette

    DIPA · 7.8% ABV​

    Let me Take you Down

    DDH with mosaic. Cool Conditioned on strawberry purée.
    Straight berry juice

    IPA ABV 7.2%


    Photo Op

    Brewed for Rockland County Beer Week this beer hits you with pear, lime + orange sorbet

    NE IPA​ ABV 6.5%

    Historical Rally

    Double dry hopped with Enigma + Mosaic

    notes of tangerine, candy orange + wild berries.

    NE IPA ABV 7.2%


    West Coast style pale ale mashed with Two Row, Vienna + crystal malts. Dry hopped with Simcoe, Columbus + Citra. Bitter, citrus, classic.

    American Pale Ale · 5.6% ABV​

    Lobbiest Pale Ale

    Low color maris otter + oats. Hopped with Amarillo + Mosaic. Super floral + earthy with orange + berry undertones.

    Pale Ale ABV 5.0%


    German inspired Kolsch with an American twist. Lemon, lime and biscuit flavors with a clean finish

    Kolsch ABV 4.8%

    Summer Campaign

    Notes of bubblegum, lemon + white pepper

    SAISON ABV 7.2%

    Banana Cream Coconut Pie

    Notes of banana, vanilla, coconut + dark chocolate

    Porter ABV 5.4%

    Sour Party

    DDH, Azacca + Vic Secret

    Sour ABV 6.3%

  • the BURGER loft


    Hand-crafted in New City, New York

    Hoppy-ng Fences

    a dank soft IPA with bright tropical notes and brewed with five hop varieties

    American IPA ABV 6.5%

    Silent Majority

    hazy golden pale ale with a big citra aroma, smooth pineapple and sweet orange flavors

    American Pale Ale ABV 5.5%


    easy drinking ale brewed with Mosaic hops and notes of peach and tangerine

    Session IPA ABV 4.7%

    Nuclear Option

    Lupulin powder and Citra added to the dry hop for big cotton candy and fruit punch notes

    Double IPA ABV 8.0%


    German inspired Kolsch with an American twist. Lemon, lime and biscuit flavors with a clean finish

    Kolsch ABV 4.8%

    No Recollection

    featuring Nelson hops, sweet
    grapes and juicy white peaches

    Pale Ale ABV 5.2%

    Sexual Relations

    featuring Galaxy hops with tropical juice flavors, sweet peaches and a crisp, clean, citrus finish

    IPA​ ABV 6.3%


    Mother of all Bombs

    juicy forward crushable DIPA of passion fruit, pineapple and mango with a creamy soft finish

    Double IPA​ ABV 8.0%


    flavors of clove and pear expressed by Belgian yeast, light ale with a dry finish.

    Belgian Ale​ ABV 4.9%

    Father of all Bombs

    explodes with flavors of pineapple, mango and citrus notes on the front palate with a dry, clean finish

    Double IPA​ ABV 8.7%

    Silent w/ pineapple +mango

    big citra aroma with sweet pineapple and mango flavors

    American Pale Ale ABV 5.5%


    clean dry ale enhanced w/ flavors of lime zest and aromas of fresh pine.

    American Pale Ale ABV 5.5%


    YUUUUGE flavor made with the BEST water and the BEST hops in the BEST country.

    IPA ABV 6.4%

    Bimbo Eruptions

    This Blonde is tropical up front with a dry rye finish, a perfect crushable summer beer.

    Blonde Ale ABV 4.9%

    Very Stable Genius

    Brewed with bohemian pilsner, wheat, oat flakes, and lactose sugar. DDH with Galaxy and Mosaic.

    Double IPA ABV 7.6%

    Very Stable Genius NITRO

    Nitro added to this brew completely transforms it into

    an icy sweet mango creamsicle.

    Double IPA ABV 7.6%

    Hazy Roots

    pale pilsner, red and white wheat and oats. notes of citrus, dank earth, and white wine. Pours a hazy, very pale yellow.

    NE IPA ABV 6.0%

    West Wing

    Chinook, Centennial, Columbus, Cascade and Citra- intense grapefruit, pine and resin with a slight sweetness.

    IPA West Coast Style ABV 6.8%


    Notes of raspberry, plum and dark chocolate. Medium body, with a slightly tart, refreshing finish.

    Porter ABV 6.0%

    Coconut Cake Collusion

    Coconut, vanilla and marshmallow dominate the aroma and flavor with dark chocolate undertones.

    Porter​ ABV 6.0%

    Completely Misunderestimated

    Hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic and Citra has notes of lychee fruit, tropical berries and mango.

    NE IPA​ ABV 6.8%

    In session

    Tastes like dank orange juice

    Session IPA ABV 5.0%

    Trade War

    Heavily hopped with Enigma and Vic Secret has notes of orange, berry and tropical fruits

    IPA​ ABV 7.0%

    Photo Bomb

    Photo Op just got PHOTO BOMBED! DDH with Azacca and Mosaic. Tastes like a mango, orange, pineapple sorbet... but beer flavored.

    DIPA ABV 8.0%

    Exit Poll

    This polished Adjunct Lager is clean, crisp and refreshing.

    Lager ABV 4.5%

    King Kamal

    Triple IPA DDH with Mosaic ,Idaho-7, and El Dorado. Notes of watermelon, stone fruit, citrus and hints of resin.

    Triple IPA ABV 10.0%

    Anonymous Source

    Notes of Pineapple, Coconut with light funk flavors.

    Berliner Weisse ABV 4.5%


    Bohemian Pilsner, Vienna and Munich malts, light in color, w/ complex maltiness and dry.

    Pilsner​ ABV 4.7%

    Circle Back

    Brewed with 100% bohemian pilsner malt and hopped in the kettle with German Mandarina Bavaria. Clean, crisp and balanced.

    Pilsner​ ABV 4.8%

    Coat of Arms

    Brewed with German pilsner, Munich, and Vienna malts. lightly hopped with German Tettnang.

    Oktoberfest​ ABV 6.0%

    Magic Pudding

    Brewed with oats and Australian Hops

    American Pale Ale ABV 5.5%

    Dark Money

    Brewed with 7 different malts and oats has notes of rich chocolate, coffee, and caramel.

    Stout ABV 6.8%

    Fuzzy Math

    A blend of tropical fruits, heavy orange sorbet flavor with a nice balance mouthfeel.

    NE IPA ABV 8.0%

    Leap-ng Fences

    Hopp-ng fences on steroids. Aggressively hopped at 4lbs per barrel with notes of dank earth, crushed clementine, and pine.

    DIPA ABV 8.0%


    Lightly hopped in the kettle, cool conditioned on pink guava and mango purée with notes of ssips fruit juice and guava.

    Fruit Beer ABV 5.0%

    Wit House

    This beer Is super crisp with flavors of orange, coriander and a hint of spice.

    Witbeir ABV 5.5%

    Yellow Vest

    Expressive Belgian yeast

    hopped with Hallertau Blanc

    vanilla + clove.

    Belgian Ale​ ABV 7.0%

    Friday After Work

    Perfect beer to crush after a long week of work with notes of lemon, lime and floral undertones.

    American Pale Ale​ ABV 5.2%

    Photo Session

    Photo Op's little sis packs a huge hop punch w/notes of passion fruit, pineapple + peach w/ a super delicate finish.

    IPA ABV 5.5%

    Happy Jack Ale

    Brewed in the memory of Jack Doyle this ale has great balance with soft notes of milk chocolate.

    Dark Mild​ ABV 4.0%

    Anti Resolution

    Hopped with Belma, Idaho 7 + Azacca notes of melon, strawberry, juicy fruit + resin

    NE IPA​ ABV 7.0%

    Mother of All Photo Bombs

    M.O.A.B is photo bombed w/ this in-house collaboration

    notes of mango, pineapple + peach

    Double IPA ABV 8.0%

    Act of Drinkability

    100% high quality German Vienna Malt its clean, balanced and slightly toasted in flavor.

    Vienna Lager ABV 5.4%

    Champagne Room

    Holiday style champagne inspired IPA

    fruity, lean and super super dry.

    Brut IPA ABV 6.5%

    Photo Op

    Brewed for Rockland County Beer Week this beer hits you with pear, lime + orange sorbet

    NE IPA​ ABV 6.5%

    Nuclear Option 3.0

    DDH with Simcoe, Columbus and Mosaic.. its straight up Dank Fruit Punch.

    NE Double IPA​ ABV 8.0%

    Political Chaos

    Brewed with bohemain pils + loads of spelt, Enigma, Vic secret + galaxy. This full body has notes of fruit roll up + mixed berry.

    NE IPA ABV 7.5%

    Ain't Wastin' No More Time

    Dry hopped with Mosaic and conditioned on peach purée, it's tart with a peach sunshine flavor.
    ..Peach Kettle Sour 5.4%

    Vote 'em Out

    Brewed w/ Nelson Sauvignon Hops, Bohemain Pilsner + oats. Earthy undertones w/ flavors of white grape + green pepper.

    IPA​ ABV 6.1%

    Test Launch

    Bohemain pils, malted oats, golden oats + flaked oats. Hopped with Bru 1 and citra. Vibrant citrus, apricot, and melon.

    IPA​ ABV 6.2%

    Intellectual Property

    High quality malts conditioned in raspberry puree,

    Madagascar vanilla + dark chocolate. available in NITRO.

    Imperial Stout​ ABV 10.0%

    Oil Money

    American stout brewed with 7 different malts + oats has notes of rich chocolate, coffee + caramel.

    Stout​ ABV 6.8%

    Reliable Yield

    Brewed w/ Bohemian Pilsner and triticale flakes + fermented w/ an expressive saison yeast. Notes of pepper spice, pear fruit and citrus. Finishes dry with silky mouthfeel.

    Saison ABV 7.5%

    Limeade Gose

    A margarita inspired kettle sour with a touch of lactose, heavy on the lime and salt.

    Sour ABV 5.4%

    Jelly Donut

    Mashed w/ Pilsner, wheat, oats + BOXER DONUTS

    Hopped w/ Idaho7 + Citra then cool conditioned on raspberries, blackberries + blueberries

    IPA​ ABV 7.0%

    Political Juice

    Highlighted with a fresh squeezed tangerine explosion +

    a background of tropical fruits

    NE IPA​ ABV 6.0%

    Cut through the Noise

    Brewed with Pilsner, wheat, oats, and milk sugar. Hopped with German Mandarina Bavaria, Citra, + orange peel....Taste like candy orange slices + tangerine

    DIPA​ ABV 8.0%

    Local Haze

    Hopped with Cashmere, Mosaic and Citra , notes of lemon, wild berries and orange with a dry finish
    .IPA ABV 6.5%

    Haystacks on Haystacks

    on Haystacks

    Hopped with Idaho 7 + citra, notes of candy pineapple, peach + orange

    super soft finish

    Triple IPA · 10.5% ABV​

    Muffin Top Blend

    coconut, banana + blueberry

    Blonde Ale · 5.4% ABV​

    Second Term

    super juicy beer triple dry hopped with two of our favorites, Vic secret + a splash of Citra, pineapple and passion fruit flavors with a hint of cotton candy.

    NE IPA · 7.0% ABV​

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